3 beauty hacks for surviving winter

3 beauty hacks for surviving winter

Winter wreaks havoc on hair and skin and can beat even the most unsinkable of beauty regimes. Here at Q61 we believe that you no longer just need to survive winter, but can survive winter in style! As long as you follow these important beauty tips, you will be fine.

1. Split Hairs

You know that saying you get what you pay for? Well when it comes to shampoo and hair treatments that is very true. Good quality repairing, nourishing and hydrating shampoos all contain vitamins and add extra moisture to hair when washed.


2. Cracked Lips

We all know that awful feeling of waking up, yawning and then feeling the pain as your dry lips crack. Well, that never has to happen again. Unfortunately a lot of lip salves, in particular Vaseline, only offer short term moisturising benefits and can actually dry your lips out in the long terms. Thankfully, everything you need to create your own, chemical-free lip balm is probably already lying about in your kitchen. Honey!


3. Dry Skin

Moisturise moisturise moisturise! Applying a good quality moisturiser while you are still wet from a shower (or even while you are still in the shower!) will help lock in your skins natural oils and moisture. Treat yourself once in a while, as well as rescue your skin with a nice, natural face mask before you go to bed on an evening.


If you can follow these three simple beauty rules then you are well on the way to beating the winter blues! We can take care of the rest with our trademark facials, lifesaving manicures and gentle waxing treatments now available in store! Book an appointment now.