4 quick beauty tips for busy people

4 quick beauty tips for busy people

Everyone enjoys a good old pampering session and coming out the other end feeling and looking great. But we don’t all have the time to put into making this happen! Here at Q61, we know that today’s lifestyle is busy and bustling.

That’s why we’ve put together a few beauty tips on how you can start feeling good about yourself with less effort, time and stress than before. So new mums, working women and busy bees, listen up!


1. Skin Care

If you don’t have time to apply flawless make up in the mornings then remember that its not even necessary if you have a good complexion. Start a new, easy skincare regime. Splash out on some good quality skincare products and keep them to hand so there are no excuses! All our Dermalogica products are 25% off throughout January!


2. Hair

So we don’t all have time to wash, dry and style our hair in the morning. That’s why dry shampoo is an absolute necessity to the quick beauty routine and is our number one beauty tip to you. As well as disguising greasy hair, dry shampoo also makes it easier to style, tousle and manage hair. Learning a few quick hair styles that suit your length and hair type can really save you time as well. No longer are the days that you have to spend an hour straightening your frizzy locks before work!


3. Make Up

A bold, bright coloured lipstick shade is the quickest and easiest way to make it look like you have a full face of make up! It’s the ultimate beauty tip. Adding a quick lick of mascara also gives the illusion of a made up face that in reality takes just a matter of seconds.


4. Nails

Taking some time out to yourself and treating yourself to an express manicure! We’ll give you a cheeky prosecco, or an energising cappuccino while you are getting pampered. Perfectly manicured finger nails are a quick and easy way to look perfectly poised, while getting that much needed me time.