Colour of the Month: Daffodil

Colour of the Month: Daffodil

Recently the days have been cold, dark and wet, but during my journey to work one day I finally found a pop of colour blooming in the frozen grass. Bold and bright, that solitary daffodil reminded me that there are sunny days to come and we just have to keep working through the hard times.

This is why the golden tone of that daffodil is our new colour of the month.


Yellow isn’t a colour often seen included in popular makeup looks. We think, however, that this is a missed opportunity, as bright yellow shades really help to make your eyes or lips stand out stunningly. Just look at these girls below if you’re not convinced!

Instagram – @ohmygeeee


This colour is also great for getting your outfit to really POP. Yellow is a real head-turner, and looks particularly good when paired with white or black outfits. Be careful choosing what you wear yellow with though – a terrible colour clash is very possible!

Pretty Little Thing


Treat your nails to luscious yellow coating and you’ll be sure to get compliments pouring in faster the rain outside! Here are a few of our favourite daffodil inspired nail art designs.

Pinterest – Katerina Kyriazis

Here at Q61 we love experimenting with new styles and colour, and have been really enjoying giving our customers a pop of yellow. Check out a couple of our favourites below.


If you want to try some yellow nail art for yourself, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment at our Leeds salon at, we’d love to see you there!