Learn Your Lashes

Learn Your Lashes

We love our lashes at Q61, and we want you to too. We offer an array of different luxurious lash treatments with competitive prices and unbeatable results. It should be a no-brainer that you book your lashes treatment with our salon in Leeds, but the type of treatment you opt for may be a more difficult decision! Hopefully the guide below will help you choose the perfect lashes for you…

LVL Lashes

LVL lashes are unique and a revolutionary treatment as they require zero extensions or fake lashes.

These lashes are all yours!

Another reason that this treatment is highly popular is that they’re low maintenance but can still last up to 6 weeks. Very impressive for a treatment that only takes 45 minutes!

The treatment works by gently straightening and lifting your lashes, making them look both thicker and longer. Comfortable silicone shields are used to protect the eye and the treatment is pain-free, so all you need to think about is how amazing you’re going to look at the end!

Individual Lashes

For the most natural looking fake lash experience, try our individual lashes treatment. Everyone will think you grew these luscious lashes yourself, and we promise to keep your secret…

These lashes are attached to your existing lashes one at a time to create your desired look. The treatment will take around 90 minutes, so you will have plenty of time to sit back, relax, and get excited about your new lashes look.

Even better, the individual lashes can last up to 8 weeks (that’s 2 whole months!), and at Q61 we can top them up with in-fills every few weeks.

Party Lashes

Party lashes are named so for a reason. They look spectacular and are perfect for a night out – but once the party has ended, so should your lashes!

Much like the individual lash extensions, these lashes are placed on top of your own. However, these are applied in clusters rather than single lashes. This makes the treatment much faster, lasting only around 20 minutes, so don’t worry if you need to rush back to pick out your outfit!

Rather than lasting for weeks, these lashes should be removed after one night to avoid irritation. This can be done easily with eye makeup remover and warm water – just remember to be gentle!

Whichever one of these treatments sounds the best for you, remember that you can get it for a great price from highly trained and friendly therapists at Q61 in Leeds. We hope to see you there soon!