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Getting rid of unwanted hair doesn’t need to be a scary experience. We use a number of techniques in our treatments, including steps to sooth and relieve sensitive skin. Our treatments are available for a choice of areas including face, legs, underarm and bikini and are suitable for both men and women.

Strip Waxing

Whether you want to shape your eyebrows, remove unwanted hair from a specific area of the face or body, or you want a full body wax, at Q61, we provide a range of services to suit your specific needs. We also use Australian Bodycare wax. Its hygienic tubes help to prevent cross contamination, while the tea tree is perfect for helping to soothe sensitive skin.

  • EYEBROW WAX 10 minutes
  • CHIN WAX 10 minutes
  • FACE WAX 20 minutes
  • UNDERARM WAX 10 minutes
  • LIP WAX 10 minutes
  • HALF ARM WAX 10 minutes
  • FULL ARM WAX 20 minutes
  • SHOULDER WAX 10 minutes
  • CHEST WAX 20 minutes
  • BACK WAX 20 minutes
  • BIKINI WAX 10 minutes
  • FRENCH BIKINI WAX 15 minutes
  • BRAZILIAN WAX 20 minutes
  • HOLLYWOOD WAX 20 minutes
  • HALF LEG WAX 20 minutes
  • FULL LEG WAX 30 minutes
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Hot Waxing

  • UNDERARM HOT WAX 10 minutes
  • BIKINI HOT WAX 15 minutes
  • FRENCH BIKINI HOT WAX 15 minutes
  • HOLLYWOOD HOT WAX 30 minutes
  • BRAZILIAN HOT WAX 30 minutes
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We use ancient Middle Eastern threading techniques to help remove unwanted hair from the face. Our treatments can focus on the chin or upper lip, or we can provide a full-face thread. This not only removes unwanted hair but shapes your eyebrows too.

  • LIP THREAD 10 minutes
  • BROW & LIP DUO THREAD 15 minutes
  • CHIN THREAD 10 minutes
  • FULL FACE THREAD 20 minutes
  • EYEBROW THREAD 10 minutes
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Lovely salon and lovely staff!  Very clean, stylish and welcoming. I'll be back!

Sarah Giangrino

Very competent with nails and a perfectionist. I left with them looking amazing and extremely happy! Thank you.

Felicity Underwood

Wow what a wonderful experience. Emma made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Many Thanks

Abdul Asman