Winter Survival Guide

Winter Survival Guide

Foundation on Dry Skin

If winter has already left your skin looking dry and flaky, you should consider leaving foundation out of your makeup routine until after the problem has been resolved. Foundation will pick up the flakes and set into the cracks of your face, making the issue look even worse than it did before!

If you simply cannot forget about foundation, we recommend using a moisturising formula that has a dewy or satin finish. Matte and powder foundations are the worst possible choices for flaky skin.

Hot Showers

When it’s cold out, the prospect of jumping into a hot shower is all too tempting. However, this can actually be really bad for your skin. The heat that builds up from a steamy shower can damage the lipid layer within your skin that holds in the moisture.

If you can’t resist that blast of hot water, at least try to keep your showering time to fifteen minutes or less to reduce the chance of losing moisture from your skin.


We’re sure it’s a tip you hear a lot, but we cannot overstress the importance of moisturising, especially during winter. The cold weather is brutal to your skin and dryness is inevitability. We highly recommend products by Dermalogica to achieve soft, protected skin. You can find a range of these products for purchase in our salon.

Winter Fashion

As well as helping you to look amazing this season, winter fashion can also be really good for your skin. Once the cold weather hits it will attack all exposed skin, so the more you cover up the less damage can be done.

Gloves are a particularly useful asset as they will help to keep moisture in your hands, whilst scarves will do the same for your face and neck. As well as keeping you warm, a hat will protect the condition of your hair. For those worried about ‘hat hair’, try flipping your hair to the opposite parting side to normal to avoid it going flat.